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Upon loading up the software or a chart of a security you may receive the error message
'Symbol information missing for ### on ###.' coupled with a 'Codebase error 310'.

It is also possible that you may receive an error opening Symbols.DBF.


These error messages indicate that the symbol used to map the data of a security to our HUBB database is missing.
This is most likely caused by a corrupted Symbols Database.



In order to correct a corrupted database it is necessary to remove the current Symbols Database and setup a fresh one.

To remove the current Symbols Database we must first confirm the location of the current database.

Locating the Database

Navigate to the File Menu


Select the settings option


Select the Databases Tab



Note the location of the Database from within this window.
By Default the database will be C:\HubbIntData**, where ** indicates the prefix of your installed software.

For example for Profitsource this would be PS and for Integrated Investor this would be II.

Navigating to the Database

Once we have noted the location of the database please close Your SOFTWARE


Once the software has been closed we may navigate to the previously noted database location

Navigate to the Start menu


Select the Computer option


Open the Drive where the Database is located


Open the Hubb Database folder and delete the Symbols folder from within.

Running a Symbols Maintenance

Open Your SOFTWARE and select the Tools menu


Then click on Maintenance from the drop-down menu list.

Now select the Symbols Maintenance Wizard  within the sub menu list.


This will launch the Symbols Maintenance Wizard dialog box.

Click on the Select All button, then click on the Advanced button.


The Advanced dialog allows the user to set specific maintenance parameters for the local Symbols Listing:

Now select the Refresh All Symbols option


Wait for the Symbols Maintenance Wizard to complete.

You should notice small dots begin to appear within the Symbols Maintenance Wizard, these dots indicate that the Maintenance Wizard is currently running.


Click the Finish button when complete.

The dialog box will indicate how many symbols have been added or updated.



Your Symbols Database should now be completely refreshed.