FormSettings File Invalid

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Upon opening a chart or scan you may receive the error:

"FormSettings File Invalid"

You will then not be able to correctly display the chart page or scan you were attempting to open.


This error indicates that a settings file used by the HUBB software has become corrupt.
This can happen if the software encounters an improper exit routine due to a power outage or the incorrect unloading of the HUBB software from system memory.


  1. First, please close your trading software down by going into FILE, EXIT
  2. Go back to your DESKTOP and right click on your Hubb software icon (e.g Profitsource, Integrated Investor)
  3. Click on properties
  4. Select the 'find target' or 'open file location' option
  5. Once you are in the HUBB Software Program files folder locate the file called 'formsettings.dat'
  6. Right click on the 'formsettings.dat' file
  7. Select the delete option and confirm to delete
  8. Reopen the HUBB software program

Upon opening Your SOFTWARE you may be required to run a Symbols Maintenance Wizard.