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Error Writing Data Record - "Access to File Denied"

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During the Update manager Distribution process you may experience the error message:

'Error Writing Data Record - Access to File Denied'.

The Distribution process will then terminate.


This error message has numerous possible causes.
The most likely of these is that the sofware does not have the necessary permissions to access the downloaded file for distribution.


Please follow the below steps to your resolve your problem

  1. Click on the File menu
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. Select the Database tab
  4. Make a note of the location of your HUBB database (e.g HubbIntDataII)
  5. Close the HUBB software
  6. Navigate to the start menu and select the Computer or My computer option
  7. Navigate to the drive that the HUBB database was stored on (e.g Local Disk C:)
  8. Locate the HUBB  database folder
  9. Right click on the HUBB database folder and select the Properties option
  10. Select the Security tab
  11. Find your Windows username in the list of permissions
  12. Ensure that your user account has full read and write permissions to the folder
  13. Click apply
  14. Restart the HUBB software and attempt an update again
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