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Error During Distribution: XMaster File is Damaged

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Upon running an update manager within Your SOFTWARE you receive an error message that there was an Error During Distribution: Xmaster file is Damaged or User File is Damaged.


When Your SOFTWARE downloads and distributes data it needs to access the destination files that the data will be distributed to.
If the software is forcibly closed during this phase then the data files do not get closed off correctly and are damaged.

The most common cause of this is due to a sudden loss of power or hard drive failure.


You should simply be able to remove the affected files to correct the issue.

  1. Ensure that you have closed Profitsource and any other programs that may access the Metastock database.
  2. Click on Start > Search
  3. Type in *.MSFL
  4. Search on the drive that the database is stored.
  5. Tick the option to 'Include Subfolders
  6. Select the 'Search' button
  7. Delete all of the ~MSFL files that are found
  8. Start Your SOFTWARE and attempt to re-distribute the downloaded files

    You may follow this guide to Re-Distribute Downloaded Files.
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