Error During Distribution, "Access to File Denied"

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During the Update manager distribution stage you may receive the error - Error During Distribution, "Access to File Denied".



This error message indicates that the software can not write to the software database.
If this error message appears during the distribution stage of the update manager process then the software database will not be able to be updated, resulting in missing or incorrect data.
This can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being insufficient security privileges or an Antivirus / Firewall system blocking access to the database.

This error may also occur if the HUBB software was unable to correctly close off any open handles within the software database upon the last exit of the software.


Redistribution of Data

If you have previously succesfully run an update manager and distribution process then you may simply close the software and restart the computer.

Upon the computer booting back up simply open the software and follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the tools menu
2. Click on the Maintenance option within the tools menu
3. Select the Distribute downloaded files option
4. Select all of the files under the 'Todays Downloaded files' section
5. Click on the Distribute button

This process will attempt to redistribute previously downloaded data files to your database.

User privileges

If this process does not resolve the error then please follow the steps below.

1. Click on the File menu
2. Click on the Settings option
3. Select the databases tab
4. Take note of the location of the database e.g C:\HubbIntDataII
5. Close the HUBB software
6. Click on the Start menu
7. Click on the Computer or My computer section within the Start menu
8. Navigate to the location of the database that you took note of in step 4
right-click on the database folder and click on the Properties option
9. Click on the security tab
10. Under your username ensure that full permissions are given to the database
11. Click apply
12. Restart the HUBB software and try again to distribute.

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