Error During Distribution

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Upon the completion of the update manager download process the software will attempt to distribute the files it has just downloaded. During this distribution process it is possible to receive the error message below:

Error During Distribution, "Access Violation at address"

Error During Distribution, "SQLite Error 21"


If this error message is encountered whilst running the Update manager process then the distribution of any downloaded files would not have been completed.

If this is the case then data for your charts that are stored in your local database will not be up to date and neither will any Market scans that you run.




This message indicates that your local database has become corrupted and needs to be replaced.

In order to refresh your local database you will need to download and use the Hubb Client data manager.

This is available through the Support center within your software.

1. Click on the Support center icon in the top right hand corner of your Hubb software

2. Click on the Upgrades and release notes section

3. In the bottom right hand corner of this window there is a section for the Hubb client data manager.

4. Simply download the usage guide and follow the steps and this will refresh your entire database.


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