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Your SOFTWARE utilizes a number of configuration files for various functions to work. One of these files which is required for the correct operation of pages such as the Portfolio manager, Quote pages and Options Analysis is a file called StringTreeHeaders.dat and is located in the C:\Program Files\Profitsource\ or C:\Program Files\Integrated Investor\ folder.

An error that the software cannot read from, write to or create this file indicates that something is prohibiting it from doing so.


Mcafee Internet Security released a definition update to its Realtime Shield system which blocks our softwares access to this file and in turn causes a loss of access to the Portfolio, Options Analysis and Quotes pages.


Hubb have contacted Mcafee and are awaiting a release of new and updated definitions to the Realtime shield system however there is as yet no advised turnaround time for this to happen. To speed this process up it is recommended you forward requests through to Mcafee support.

In the Interim, If you wish to continue to use the above features in the Hubb Software then the only solution is to remove Mcafee from your system.

If you choose to remove Mcafee from your system then you MUST ensure that you install a different Internet security software to protect your computer from viruses. It is recommended that you speak to your local IT technician for advice on which security system is best for you.


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