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Access Violation at Address ##.EXE

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Access Violation at address ## in module "##.exe". Read of Address ##


The error message above indicates that the Hubb software encountered an internal error. This error may be caused by a possible corruption of the Hubb software or the Hubb software database.


These are the steps to resolve the problem. Describe fixes for known errors and give error recovery steps. Offer actions to correct the problem.  

  1. You may have an older version of the Hubb software installed. You need to ensure that you have installed the latest version of the Hubb software. To determine the current version of the installed Hubb software click on this link: Check installed Hubb software version. To determine the latest available version for the Hubb software, click on this link: Find the latest available version of the Hubb software
  2. You may have a corrupt Hubb software database file. You need to reinstall the Hubb software database. To reinstall the Hubb software database click on this link: Install Hubb INT Format Historical Data
  3. If the error message persist contact Hubb Technical Support team.  
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