Utilise the FTP Protocol for Connection to Hubb Servers

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The Hubb Software works best when used with a High Speed Broadband connection.

If the Hubb Software is unable to access a High Speed Broadband connection then it may can be configured to use the FTP protocol rather than the HTTP protocol for communication with the Hubb Servers when retrieving data.


When using Data retrieval functions such as the Update manager or a data on demand the request may time out and no data be displayed.


To possibly resolve this issue you can simply set your Hubb software to use the FTP protocol. The FTP protocol is a slower connection and will not place as much demand on your internet connection as what the HTTP protocol will.

Follow the below steps to configure the Hubb Software to utilise the FTP protocol:

Click on the File menu


Then click on SETTINGS on the drop-down menu list


This will launch the Application settings window

Click on the CONNECTION tab and then click on the ADVANCED CONNECTION SETTINGS button

Advanced connection settings.jpg

This will launch the Advanced connection settings window

To use FTP as the connection type, click USE FTP under the CONNECTION TYPE group. 

Also tick the Passive Mode FTP option

Then click OK button to confirm. 

Upon restarting the Hubb software it will now utilise the FTP protocol for connection to the Hubb Servers

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