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Avast AntiVirus has recently released new virus definitions which flag Profitsource, Integrated Investor, Valuegain & OptionGear as a potential virus and remove the executable used to load the software.

This is a false positive and whilst HUBB are working with Avast to update their definitions your Software may need to be added to the exclusion list.

Once the software has been restored you should be able to open it as per usual.

Restoring Program and adding to exclusions

Important: The below steps are provided based on the latest version of Avast and may differ slightly from your installed version.

In this case you may contact Avast Technical Support via http://www.avast.com/en-au/support#internet-security.

To restore Your SOFTWARE and add it to Avast' exclusion list you may follow the steps below.

Open Avast Anti-Virus by right clicking on the Avast icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen


Select the Scan screen on the left hand side


Open the Scan Tab and Click on the Quarantine (virus chest)

Within the Avast Virus chest you should be able to Right Click on the entry for your software (i.e Profitsource) and select the 'Restore and Add to Exclusions' option


Click ok to confirm



IMPORTANT: You must restart your computer for these changes to take affect.
Once the computer has been restarted you should be able to use Your SOFTWARE again.



Setting Exclusions

You may view the below video from Avast on how to add exclusions for your software.

Your software will be located in either of the below locations

C:\Program Files\(Software name)
C:\Program Files(x86)\(Software name)





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