There an option to download a Setup and an Upgrade File

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Installing the HUBB Setup vs HUBB Upgrade file

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you not install the Full Setup file if you currently have a version of the software installed on your computer. Installing this file will remove any customisations within your software, including Chart pages, scans and Portfolios.

Prior to running the Upgrade or Setup files it is recommended that you View the backup and restore guide accessible via the below link:
Backup and Restore HUBB Software files

When installing all HUBB software it is important to note whether you are required to perform an Upgrade or a Full Setup.
A full setup is required if there are currently no previous versions of the HUBB software located on the system to which you are installing.

An Upgrade is required if there IS currently a previous version of the software installed on the system.
See the examples below:

Example 1: Full Setup

John has been noticing that his computers performance has degraded significantly in the last few years and he has finally come to a decision to buy a new computer.

Upon installing his software on the new computer John realises that he needs to reinstall his Profitsource as well.

John navigates to his My Software page and has the option to download either an Upgrade or a Setup file.

As John will be installing the software on a new computer with no previous instances of Profitsource it is imperative that John download and install the FULL SETUP of the software.

Example 2: Upgrade

Mary recently attended a HUBB Webinar. Whilst she was viewing the Webinar she noticed that the instructor was using a software version that looked a little different from her own.

Mary decides that she would like to know why this is so she emails HUBB Technical Support who advise her that she is running an older version of the software on her current machine and that she will be required to upgrade the software to the latest version.

Mary then Navigates to her My Software page and has the option to download either an Upgrade or a Setup file.

As Mary is currently running an old version of the software on her computer it is Imperative that she download and install the UPGRADE to the software.

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