The Walk Through Tool on My Chart

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Walk Through

Your software contains Pre-Computed scans that are run on the HUBB server each day at the end of trading.

As these scans are run on End of Day Data you may notice that occasionally your charts are stepped back to the previous days data.

This occurs when you have opened a chart via the Precomputed Scan Results of the previous day.
In this instance the Hubb Software will automatically apply the Walk Through tool to your chart so that you are viewing the chart as of the moment the Criterion of the specific Precomputed Scan were met.


Opening a chart with current data  

When viewing a chart which has had the Walk Through applied by the Precomputed Scans, all subsequent charts within the same series will also be stepped back and have the specific Precomputed Scans indicators applied.

If you wish to open a Price Chart without the Walk Through applied then you may open a New Price Chart by following the below steps.

Navigate to the Charts icon and select the New Price Chart option


Now enter in your desired symbol (i.e SPX)



When your New Price Chart opens it will create a new series and the Walk Through mode will not be applied to the chart.



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