My Update Manager not downloading data

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Upon running the Update Manager process you may notice that only 1 file is downloaded and 112 records are processed.

This file that is being downloaded is System Data only and will not update any Local Price Database that you may have configured.


The cause for the Update Manager only downloading 1 file and processing 112 records is usually attributed to the Update manager process not being run regularly enough.

The Hubb Servers require that the the Update Manager be run at least once every 40 days ON EACH instance of your Your SOFTWARE.

If the Update Manager is not run at least once every 40 days on each instance of Your SOFTWARE then the Hubb Servers will automatically disable data via the Update Manager and configure Your SOFTWARE for use with On-Demand-Data only.


Within the last 3 months

If you successfully ran your update manager process within the last 3 months then you may contact Technical support and advise when you last ran an update manager and for which markets and the Technical Support team can rebuild a data pack.
This data pack will then be available via your Update Manager

Prior to 3 months

If you have not downloaded data packs via your update manager within the last 3 months you will need to configure a new local price database by Installing Hubb Historical Data