My Backup File Not Displaying

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 Your SOFTWARE creates two files during the backup process.
The first is an archive of your custom content and will be named
The file will contain your custom content such as market scans and Quote lists.

The second file that is created is an index of this custom content that the Restore process will need access to in order to carry out a Restore.
This file will be named BackupList.hlf.

If you have backed up your software to a USB stick or a location other than the default then the backuplist.hlf file may need to be manually copied to the same folder as the file.


To manually copy the backuplist.hlf file you will need to navigate to your start menu

Start menu.png

Now select the Computer option

start computer.png

Double click on the C: drive

C drive.png

Open the Program Files or Program Files(x86) if present

program files.png

Navigate to your software backup folder i.e Integrated Investor Backups


Right click on the Backuplist.hlf file and select copy


Now navigate to the folder you have placed the and right click and select Paste


Open the Backup and Restore wizard from within your software


Select to Restore a backup


Navigate to the folder you have placed your backup files in by clicking the Select button


Once you have navigated to the folder location click the Load button


You should now see your backup listed




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