Run the Hubb Software as an Administrator

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The Hubb Software requires access to write to and read from its database directory as well as its Program Files directory.
On some systems this access may be limited by Windows User Account Control.



Upon attempting to start the software it may close out unexpectedly and report an error such as 'Operation not allowed' or 'Insufficient User privileges.
You may also notice that when you attempt to save customized content such as chart pages or quote lists that they do not save.


You will need to set the Hubb software to have the required permissions to its database and Program Files directories.
To do this you can follow the below steps:

If you have the Hubb Software open please close it down by clicking on the File menu and Exit.

Find the icon for your Hubb software (e.g Profitsource, Integrated Investor) on your desktop.

Right click on the software icon & Select the Properties option



Now select the Compatibility tab & Tick the option to Run this program as an Administrator



Select the Apply button then click OK.

The software should now possess its required privileges.

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