Configure My Windows Date and Time Format

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Settings for items like  date formats and time are not contained within the Hubb Software. These settings are pulled from the Windows Regional Settings on your Computer. These settings will need to be correct for the Hubb software to operate effectively.


You may notice that the date on charts is displayed in an incorrect format or that your data appears to not be up to date.

If the system date is incorrect then the date on charts within the Hubb Software will also be incorrect as the Hubb software utilises this date setting when storing or displaying data.


You will need to set the system date correctly within the Region Settings of your Windows system.

You may use the below links to Jump to the steps for your particular Operating System:

Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8 & Windows 10


Windows XP

Click on START


Then click on CONTROL PANEL on the menu list


This will launch the control panel window



This will launch the Regional and language options window

Click on the CUSTOMIZE button under regional options tab

Click on the DATE tab

Windows 7

Click on the Start menu


Click on the Control panel option


In the top right corner of the Control Panel, change the option View By to Large Icons

Select the Region and Language option

Change the "Format" section to "English (Australia)", then click on the "Apply" button and select the "OK" option with the left mouse button

Windows 8  & Windows 10


Hover your mouse over Start menu icon in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop, right click on the Start menu icon and then Left click on the Control Panel option

Win_8_right_click_start_button.jpg      Win10_rgt_clk_cntrl_pnl.png


In the top right corner of the Control Panel, Change the View By setting to Large Icons



Select the Region option


Change the option under the Format section to English (United States), then left click on the Apply button

Change the Format section to English (Australia), then click on the Apply button and select OK.

Upon completion of the above process, restart the computer for changes to take effect.

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