Completely Refresh the Database

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It may sometimes be necessary to complete a refresh of your entire database structure.
The below guide will walk you through locating and removing the current database and installing a completely fresh one.

Locating the Database

Within Your SOFTWARE navigate to the File menuEdit section


Select the settings option


Select the Databases Tab



Note the location of the Database from within this window.
By Default the database will be C:\HubbIntData**, where ** indicates the prefix of your installed software.

For example for Profitsource this would be PS and for Integrated Investor this would be II.

Navigating to the Database

Edit section

Once we have noted the location of the database please close Your SOFTWARE


Once the software has been closed we may navigate to the previously noted database location

Navigate to the Start menu


Select the Computer option


Open the Drive where the Database is located


Open the Hubb Database folder and delete the Snapshot, Daily & Symbols folders from within.

Reinstalling the Database

You may use the Install Hubb Historical Data guide to configure a new Local Price Database