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sitmicon34.gifThis content is provided in support of the Safety in the Market (SITM) module for Your SOFTWARE and may not be applicable to your package. For more information, go to the Modules topic of this help.

Trade Summary

The Summary work page provides an overview of the financial state of the trade, both while the trade is still active, as well as when all trading for the Trading Plan is complete.

The Summary data is populated from entries on the previous pages as well as with Your SOFTWARE's system data. However, some of the data and settings on this page can be altered by the user.

Trade Details

The Trade Details section is initially populated by the system. Users can change the point size, or view the summary in a different currency:

Trading Plan Summary

The contents of the Trading Plan Summary section will depend very much on whether the trades for the plan are Completed or still Active.

For completed trading plans, the Status will be updated to Completed when entries on the Liquidation Plan tabbed page cause the remaining quantity of securities in the trade to fall below zero.

When the Status is "Completed", all the system generated figures on the left will be fixed.

If a quantity of securities remains to be disposed of (or if the user manually chooses the Active status) the Profit/Loss and Net Results figures will be able to be changed to reflect the price selected using the Recalculate button.

In this way, the final outcome of the trade can be assessed for a variety of scenarios.

Comparing with Other Trading Plans

The Trading Plan Trade Statistics Reports, see below, allows comparison between other trading plans' summaries for a number of differently configured groups or types of trading plans.

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