Pre-Trade Diary

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Pre-Trade Diary

At the point of placing trading orders the questions in this page should be answered.

The intention of this exercise is to record your subjective opinion about your preparedness for the trade at the time the trade was entered.

There are five general questions, grab and slide the moving indicators with your mouse to register your level:


These questions correspond with the five groups (labeled A, B, C, D and E) in David Bowden's Trading Tune-up, found at page 225 of the Smarter Starter Pack manual (3rd Edition). Refer to the more detailed questions in those groups if you are uncertain about the meaning of the questions in the Pre-Trade Diary work page.

The subsequent review of your honest opinion of your preparedness prior to making a trade, when compared with the performance throughout the trade, and ultimate outcome, can be helpful in identifying areas in which improvements can be made in your trading techniques and attitudes.

Comparison between other trades in the same symbol, trades with other symbols, or all trades within a specified date range, etc. can be made and printed out for review in the Pre-Trade Analysis section of the Trading Plan Diary Statistics report in the Portfolio's Reports facility.

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