Post-Trade Diary

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Post Trade Diary

At the completion of all trading for this Trading Plan the questions in this page should be answered. Ideally this should be done before viewing the Summary work page.

As with the Pre-Trade Diary, the intention is to record your subjective opinion about your overall performance for the trade, allowing comparison with the actual results of the trade and your performance, both perceived and otherwise, in other similar trades.

Use the drop down boxes to answer the four question on the right.

If you select the answer Other for Exit Trigger, explain the reason for your exit in the Notes/Mistakes Committed text box.


Subsequent comparison of your opinion prior to and after the trading plan is completed with the ultimate outcome, can be helpful in your transformation into a complete trader. Your analysis can be further assisted by reading Becoming the complete trader, on page 221 of the Smarter Starter Pack manual (3rd Edition).

Comparison between other trades in the same symbol, trades with other symbols, or all trades within a specified date range, etc. can be made and printed out for review in the Post-Trade Analysis section of the Trading Plan Diary Statistics report in the Portfolio's Reports facility.


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