Manage ABC Trades

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Manage ABC Trades

Each Trading Plan relates to an individual ABC formation for a particular security.


Traders can create as many Trading Plans as required.

Add New Trading Plan

Each new Trading Plan and its current details will be automatically saved.

View Saved Trading Plans Details

To view the saved Trading Plans, click the Trading Plans command in the Tools menu to open the Trading Plans work page.

Manage Saved Trading Plans

The Trading Plan work page contains details of each saved Trading Plan in a table, as well as tools to manage the trading plans, for example to Delete old trading plans from the list, Edit existing ones, or create new Trading Plans from a list of ABC formations.

Trading Plan work page

Select the Trading Plans command from the Tools drop-down menu, the Trading Plans work page will open:

All currently saved Trading Plans are listed in the table in numerical order of their time of creation.

Details of each Trading Plan are set out in rows in the table.

From this work page users can manage all existing Trading Plans using the Edit and Delete buttons, and use the Add button to create new ones.

Managing Trading Plans

Use the three command buttons in the top left of the work page to manage the Trading Plans.

Add butn_add.gif

Each Trading Plan is related to a single ABC formation for a particular symbol.

To create a new trading plan, select the Add button to open the ABC Points Selection dialog and select a symbol.


Three types of lists of all ABC trade formations for that symbol are available: Long, Short or Both Long and Short.

Select one to will display its list:


Select an individual ABC formation from the list and click OK to open the Trading Plan Wizard populated with ABC Formation details and Pressure Point levels for the trade.

Work through the Trading Plan Wizard as for any other ABC trade..

When the Trading Plan Wizard is finished, the new Trading Plan will be added onto a new row in the Trading Plan work page's table.

Edit butn_edit.gif

Trade Plans that have already been created can be Edited from the Trade Plan work page.

This is how details of Liquidation Plans and actual exit trade details are added to the Trading Plans.

Select a Trade Plan from the table and click Edit.

The Trade Plan Wizard will open.

Select the tabbed page in the Wizard that needs to be updated or edited.

Click Finish to save the changes to the Trade Plan.

Delete butn_delete.gif

To permanently delete a Trading Plan, select the trade plan in the table and click the Delete button.

Your SOFTWARE will prompt you to confirm that you want to permanently delete the Trading Plan:

Click Yes and the Trading Plan will be removed from the table and permanently deleted.

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