Using the Teach Facility

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Uses of the Teach Facility

The Teach facility is particularly helpful in demonstrating the relationship between swing charts and price charts, but it can also illustrate how indicators will display differently for the two types of charts.

Comparing Swing Charts with Price Charts

This is the primary function of the Teach facility.

The initial bar chart can be changed to the other types of price charts, and they can be compared with the swing chart.

In addition the time swing chart can be compared with a point swing chart and the parameters for the swing charts can be changed and compared as well.

The Teach screen is an ideal environment for these comparisons because the same common symbol is always employed.

Compare Indicators Effect

Another useful function of the Teach Facility is to demonstrate how indicators will display differently for swing charts and price chart.

Applying indicators is the same as for ordinary charts, refer to the Displaying Indicators topic for more information.

Here is an example of a 5 day Momentum indicator applied to both types of chart:

Note how the swing chart eliminates "noise" for both the chart and the indicator.

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