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System Testing Interaction

Each row in the Results Table of the System Test's Trade Listing tabbed page is referenced to a single trade affecting a single symbol.

In addition to the data contained in the fields of each row, there are also useful links for further analysis of the trades identified during the test.

Double right mouse click on any row to display the Price Data/ Price Chart pop-up menu:

Click on either to open the selected symbol's Price Data table, or Price Chart.

Users can also click on each symbol's Chart or Price Data icon:

The icons can be excluded from some custom views. The contents of the custom view will not affect the pop-up menu.

Display Price Data

Clicking the Price Data pop-up command or the icon will open the Price Data Dialog.

It contains a table with all the price data currently in the PC's database for the selected symbol.

There is a link from the Price Data table to the Detailed Symbol Information dialog.

Display Charts and Indicators

Clicking the Price Chart pop-up command or the icon will open the symbol's Price Chart.

Any indicators used to trigger the entry or exit of the trade will also be displayed.

Walkthrough Mode Analysis

Use the Walkthrough functions to step through the trade from its entry point to its exit point.

The price chart and the system test markings, as well as any Hi-Lites and Indicators used by the system test, can be analyzed step by step using the Walkthrough function.

When the  user selects a trade from the result's table, the symbol's chart will open at that trade's entry date in the Walkthrough mode.

The user can then step through the chart to the exit point. The actual price movements, and any Hi-Lites or Indicators, will be displayed step by step.

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