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System Testing

After a Trading System has been created, System Tests based on that system can be run.

Click the Open Trading System command in the Systems Tool bar menu to begin the process:


The Select a file... dialog box will open:

All previously saved Trading Systems are saved with the .tds file extension.

The default location for saving and retrieving these file types is the Trading Systems folder in Integrated Investor's program directory.

The navigation, display and file management tools located in the top right are the same as for other Windows® file selector dialog. For more information on this functionality, go to the File Selector topic in the Shared Utilities section of this Help.

The Trading System will open in the System Test work page with its System Criteria tabbed page open. Here it can be altered, the changes saved and run, or it can be immediately run.

Click Start to begin testing the Trading System:

System Test work page

The System Test work page contains four tabbed sheets and a shared function bar and status bar:

The four tabbed pages share a common Function Bar along the top margin of the page, and a status bar on the bottom margin of the work page.

The four tabbed pages are System Criteria, Trade Listing, Performance, Summary and About This System.

System Criteria tabbed page

On the System Criteria tabbed sheet displays all the current settings of the Trading System.

They can be altered at this point. Refer to the System Builder topic for a full explanation of these processes.

Start Function Bar Button

Use the Start button in the common Function Bar to commence a System Test.

While the System Test is running, the test can be controlled using the System Testing Control Buttons, also located in the common function bar.

The function bar buttons can be accessed while either of the three tabbed pages are open.

For more information go to the Run System Test topic.

Trade Listing tabbed page

The results of the test will be displayed in the Trade Listing tabbed page.

The page will display automatically when the Start button is selected.

For more information, go to the Test Results topic.

Performance Summary tabbed page

The performance of the current test will be summarized on the Performance Summary tabbed page.

It is presented in an extensive table.

For more information, go to the System Test Analysis topic.

About this System tabbed page

Users can record and save details of the Trading System's structure and objectives on  this page.

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