System Stops

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System Stops

System Stops allow users to nominate price levels in the market or predefine dollar or percentage trade values at which to exit a trade.

This is not a mandatory field, it can be left empty, Stops can be run with Entry on its own, or Stops can be run with both Entry and Exit criteria.

Create a New Stop

System Stops are unique to the System Testing function and are created using the System Stops work page.

The work page is accessible from the tool bar's Systems button's menu:


Select the New System Stop command to open the System Stops work page.

Use the tools on this page to define a new stop.

Once defined, it can be saved as an .stp file and then included in a Trading System.

For more information on defining stops, go to the System Stops help topic, below.

Insert a Stop into Trading Plan

To insert an existing Stop into the criteria definition table click the Select button in the System Builder:

Locate the existing stop in the Select a file... file selector dialog:

Click Open to insert it in the Trading System.

Edit a Trading System's Stop

To edit a stop that is currently inserted in a Trading system, click on the Edit button at the end of the table's Stops row:

The System Stops work page containing the Stop's criteria will open.

Use the setting in the System Stops work page to change the stop parameters, then save the changes in its .stp file and close the System Stops work page.

The new changes will be incorporated into the existing Trading System.

Replace a Stop with another existing Stop

To replace the current Stop in a criteria definition table, first click the Clear button:

The Stops row header will turn Red and the stop name will return to Not Set.

Single left mouse click the Select button to open the Select a file... file selector dialog (see above).

Select a different Stop [.stp] file and click OK to insert it as the new stop.

Stop File Maintenance

Existing .stp files can be maintained using the Select a file... file selector dialog,

Click Open System Stop of access this dialog:


The navigation, display and file management tools located in the top right are the same as for other Windows® file selector dialog. For more information on this functionality, go to the File Selector topic in the Shared Utilities section of this Help.

System Stops work page

All system stops for system testing are created in the System Stops work page:

Stops can consist of one or more stop criteria. Each stop criteria is based on a stop type.

Add New Stop Criteria

To add a new stop criteria, first select a stop type from the Available Stop Types list on the left and click the Add button.

A new stop criteria will be added to the Stop Criteria Details List at the top right of the work page, and empty parameters selection controls for that stop type will appear in Activation and Details definition areas at the bottom right of the work page.

Select Save to preserve the changes to the stop.

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