Scan Definition

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Scan Definition

Users can use Market Scans that were previously created and saved, or create new scans using the standard market scanner creation interface.

The Entry criteria will set up the trade from which a profit or loss can potentially be made and evaluated by the Trading System.

Trading System Tests are always run off-line, however users can use on-line scans as the trading system scan criteria.

To determine the success or otherwise of the trade, each trade will require either an Exit based on a scan, or a Stop, or a combination of both an Exit and a Stop.

In any event, the trade must always have an Entry point and have at least either an Exit scan or Stop in order for the trade to be made and accounted for by the Trading System.

The criteria for all three of these are defined in the Long / Short Criteria Definition Area of the System Criteria tabbed page.

Select Entry / Exit Scan Criteria

Each trade requires an entry and exit point.

In Trading Systems, the entry points are defined using market scans. Trading System exits can be defined by either scans or stops.

The scans are selected, created or edited from the Long / Short Criteria Definition Area tables of the System Criteria tabbed page.

Once a scan is selected, its criteria will be employed by the Trading System to enter or exit trades.

Select Scan or Stop

To either replace a current setting with a different scan, or to select an existing Market scan, or to create a new Market scan for use in Trading System, click the Select command from the table:

The Select a file... dialog box will open:


All previously saved Market Scans are saved with the .mks file extension.

The default location for saving and retrieving these file types is the Market Scans folder in Your SOFTWARE's program directory.

The navigation, display and file management tools located in the top right are the same as for other Windows® file selector dialog. For more information on this functionality, go to the File Selector topic in the Shared Utilities section of this Help.

For market stops, click the Select button to open the .stp file selector.

Insert an Existing Market Scan or Stop

Select an existing market scan from the list and click Select to add it into the Entry / Exit Criteria table.

The existing scan criteria will be used to generate entry or exit signals, the timing and price level of the actual entry or exit will be controlled by the Trading System, as will the scope of the scan.

Create a New Market Scan

systst_scantypeselctor.gifSelecting New from the Entry Criteria definition buttons will open the New Market Scan dialog sequence.

The first dialog will ask if you wish to create an on-line or off-line scan. Select off-line as this will give you a larger selection of available criteria. In any event, the System Test will be always be run off-line.

Create the new market scan in the Search Criteria work page exactly as you would create any normal market scan.

Any scan criteria can be used, and each scan can contain a number of different scan criteria types and parameters.

Select criteria from the groups in the Available Criteria list, and define the parameters in the work area to the right.

As additional criteria are added to the scan, their details will be included in the criteria list at the top of the work area.

Refer to the Create New Market Scan help topic for a full explanation of this process.

Create a New Stop

Stops are not based on scans, rather they are specifically created for Trading Systems in the System Stops work page.

Refer to the System Stops topic for more information on stops in general, and the System Stops work page in particular.

Edit Currently Selected Scan or Stop

Once a scan or stop has been added to a Trading System, it can be easily edited from the System Criteria work page.

To edit a scan or stop, either select its Edit button at the end of its row in the table, or move the mouse cursor over the text label in the second column of the table, when the text turns blue and the cursor changes to a pointing finger, single left mouse click:

The Search Criteria or Stop Criteria work page will open.

A list of the current criteria for the scan or stop will appear in the top of the work area.

Edit Criteria

Select a criteria to be edited, its parameter definition details will appear in the work area below it.

Add Criteria

To add criteria, select the criteria from the Available Criteria or Available Stop Types lists and click the Add button beneath the list.

The criteria will be added to the list of the current criteria in the top of the work area and the criteria's default parameters will display in the lower part of the work area. Change the parameters as appropriate and Save the scan or stop.

All the normal scan parameters will be displayed. Edit the scan in exactly the same way as any scan except that the scope of the scan is not defined with the scan, the scope of the scan in the System Test is set in the System Criteria tabbed page of the System Builder.

Refer to the Edit Market Scan help topic for information on editing scans.

Delete Criteria

To delete a criteria, select the criteria in the list and click the Remove button located beneath the Available Criteria or Available Stop Types lists.

Save Changes

Make the necessary changes and click on the Save button butn_save.gif, or select the Action menu's Save Search Criteria command, to save the changes.

Note - Any changes will affect the original scan, the changes will not be limited in affect to the Trading System from which it was edited.

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