Entry-Exit Timing

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Entry and Exit Price Level and Timing Expressions

Entry and Exit scans have a Signal Day, when the scan criteria is met, and an Entry Day or Exit Day, when the trade is actually made.

Scan parameters are set in the search criteria work pages

When market scans are employed as the trading Entry and Exit triggers, the effect of unexpected scan signals can be alleviated through the use of price level and timing adjustments.

The current setting are displayed in the second text box of the criteria definition tables in plain English expressions:

The default setting is shown in the above graphic.

To alter the setting, move the mouse cursor over the text. When the text turns blue and the cursor changes to a pointing finger, single left mouse click to open the System Builder - Entry Criteria dialog box:


Selecting the Exit signal expression's text will open the System Builder - Exit Criteria dialog box.

For both Entry and Exit signals both the Timing and the Level can be set from the dialog box.

The interface is identical for both Entry and Exit signals.

Entry / Exit Timing

The Timing setting restricts the entry or exit point on the basis of a trading day [or interval].

The Signal Day is the first day that the criteria was met.

The timing can be set to Enter on the Signal day (i.e. immediately upon the scan criteria being met) or the user can specify a number of day(s) after the signal day:

The extension of time allows anomalous signals detected by the scan criteria to be disregarded.

The selection made in the dialog box will be displayed in plain English in the text box. For example:

Where the entry is triggered and the actual entry is set to Enter Signal Day + 4, the system will not allow the entry to take place until four days after the criteria has been satisfied.

Note - The criteria does not have to remain satisfied over the entire four day period. The trigger only needs to be tripped once.
For this reason users may want to set the price level to the Entry day, rather than the Signal day, see Price Levels, below.


The default is to Enter on the Signal day, i.e. the day that the scan criteria is triggered for each symbol in the market or symbol group that you are running the system test on.

Exit Timing

The Exit Timing dialog box is the same as for the Entry Timing dialog box, see above.

Entry / Exit Price Level

The Entry or Exit point can be set to depend on the basis of Price at, or relative to the price at, a particular time.

It allows either the exact price calculated by the scan criteria, or a variation of one or two points from that price.

The following options are available to set the price level:

The exact formulae picked by the user will be displayed in plain English in the Entry / Exit Level text box when OK is clicked:

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