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Nav Bar Tab

The Nav Bar tab enables the user to adjust the information included in the Navigation Bar, what features the Navigation bar will automatically open with, and how the information is displayed in the Navigation Bar's Symbol Tree.

These options can be adjusted at any time without affecting the actual data that is currently in the software.

Open by Default

The Open By Default option lets the user to specify if the Navigation Bar will automatically open alongside Chart Pages and/or Quote Lists:


Select the check boxes and the Navigation Bar will automatically open when these features are launched. Leave boxes unchecked to hide the Navigation Bar.

The Navigation Bar can always be set to close/open using the Nav button.

Symbol Display

The Navigation Bar's symbol tree display can be customized by choosing either Display Descriptions (the full company name) or Display Symbols (the symbol code only) or both.

This setting is made on the Nav Bar page:


Display Symbols and Descriptions is the default setting.

Choose Display Symbols to minimize the space used by the tree.

Symbol Tree Instruments to Load

Users can determine which instruments to load into the symbol tree by checking or un-checking the boxes next to each instrument type. You can select all of the options, however these securities will only include historical data, unless they are included in your daily data download:


Select those instruments you wish to load at startup. As each additional instrument causes a short delay, you may prefer to only select those you intend to research, track or trade.

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