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Fundamental Tab

The settings on this page apply to features in the ValueGain module that use Fundamental Data.

The settings control display and retrieval settings for Data-on-Demand requests for Fundamental Data only:


Chart Display

The display of Fundamental Data charts in the ValueGain features set can be set globally.

Data Interval Display

Fundamental Data can be displayed in two interval settings: Annual or Interim

Annual display calculates the ratios or data for an entire year. The interim display uses interim data, when available, for calculating ratios and other data.

Years to Display

The default number of years to display in these types of charts is set here. The default is 5 years.

Fundamental DoD Settings

The Fundamental Data downloaded for the ValueGain feature set's fundamental analysis functionality is different from the price data downloaded for charting, Quote Pages, and other price dependent features.

In general the Fundamental Data for a stock is of a larger quantity than price data for the same symbol. For this reason the settings for downloading Fundamental Data on Demand is different than for price data.

There are two setting for Fundamental Data DoD services: Request Settings and Amount Settings

Request Settings

There are three request setting options: Automatic, Ask Me or Turn Off the Fundamental DoD function entirely.


The default settings are to Automatic, meaning if the criteria is met, it will automatically retrieve the necessary data from the server.

For new charts, or charts which otherwise have no data, you can also adjust the amount of historical data that is loaded.

The default is 36 months (three years), but you can specify the exact number of months or years of historical data to be retrieved.

You can alter the default settings by selecting from the drop down menus.

Ask Me

The alternative request type is “Ask Me”, the history can be years or months, the user inserts a number.

Selecting “Ask Me” will result in an Information dialog box appearing when you make a new price chart using a symbol that was never accessed previously, i.e. for which there is no local data.

The dialog will advise that no local data exists, and ask whether you want to retrieve it.

For an existing chart with stale data, an Information dialog box advising that the data is out of date, and asking whether you want to retrieve an update, will display.

Clicking Yes for either will initiate the data download and the fresh data will be displayed in the resulting chart.

Turning off Data-on-Demand Services

Un-check the two options to turn off Fundamental DoD services.

When un-checked the drop down boxes will be disabled.

The result of turning off the Fundamental DoD services is that when you open an existing fundamental data analysis tool the data will not change, (you will not be informed of this). Fundamental analyses that already have data downloaded will continue to use that data, although over time it may become obsolete.

If you try to create a fundamental data analysis with the Fundamental data DoD services turned off, you will not be able to create it, the results display will have zeros entered in the price details fields.

Amount of Data to Download

Users can set the number of months or years of fundamental data to be downloaded at each DoD request.

The more data downloaded, the more the analyses will have to calculate and therefore the more accurate the result. However, as mentioned previously, the fundamental data for each stock can be very large.

Users should consider resource issues before deciding how much data to download.

The default is 60 Months (5 years).

Note - The settings for ordinary Price Data DoD are found in the Remote Data tab of the Application Settings dialog box.

Other Settings

Bar Display Style

Check/un-check the Use 3D Charts checkbox to toggle the two alternative settings on or off.

This chart setting will affect both Price Chart and Bar Chart displays of fundamental data. The display of other types of data, for example price data charts, are unaffected by this setting. This setting is located in the Other Settings section at the bottom of the tabbed page.

For an example of this effect, go to the Fundamental Charts Display Settings topic.

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