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Databases Tab

The Databases tab lets you view and adjust where your database is stored, as well as creating additional databases for third party charting programs.

When you install and register the software, you will create an initial database, this will be shown in the Databases tab:


Tools accessible from the Databases tab let you view and adjust where your database is stored, as well as creating additional databases for third party charting programs.

Your SOFTWARE can automatically update more than one database, in more than one format, each time it downloads securities data.

Database types

Two types of databases are managed in the Databases tabbed page: HUBB databases and databases in the MetaStock format for use by third-party applications.

HUBB Databases

Your SOFTWARE always requires HUBB database.

At time of initial installation, a HUBB database will be created.

The initial installation process will create a HUBB database at a default location. This location can be changed in the Databases tabbed page, but we recommend that you use the default location. The HUBB database cannot be deleted.

You can create more than one HUBB database, but only one can be actively used by Your SOFTWARE.

MetaStock Formatted Databases

The Databases tabbed page of the Application Settings dialog also allows users to define databases in the MetaStock data format.

Once the MetaStock databases are defined, they can be referenced by third-party applications that use the MetaStock data format. There are a couple of varieties of the MetaStock data format, these can be selected from the Advanced settings dialog.

You can create any number of MetaStock databases, to link to any number of third-party applications.

The MetaStock databases can be set to be updated each time the Update Manager data distribution takes place.

Managing Databases

Add Additional Databases

Your SOFTWARE can automatically update more than one database in more than one format each time it downloads securities data.

A number of third party charting products use the MetaStock format. If you want to use the same data source for both Your SOFTWARE and other software products, you need to first create the additional download account within Your SOFTWARE and Add it to this list. Then you can specify this new database within the third party charting software.

To create and add a new database, click the Add button on the tabbed page.


The Add a New Database dialog will open:


Select the Format of the databases you want to update. For example, HUBB or MetaStock, then click on the Settings button to specify how the database will appear.


Specify where the database will be located on your local PC or network. The easiest way to do this is to click the small folder icon at the end of the location field and navigate to the database using the standard Windows file dialog box. When you have found the appropriate file, or created a new folder for the new database, click to select it and then choose OK.

Data Types

Select the types of data that you want the new database to contain.

Add to List

Click OK once more at the Add a New Database dialog box to include the new database in the Databases to Update list.

Advanced Settings

MetaStock has advances settings which users can employ to customize the MetaStock database,

After selecting a location for the data base, click on the enabled Settings button to open the following dialog:


To include MetaStock system data when the Update Manager is run, check Update MetaStock Descriptions on the Additional Download Settings page of the Symbols Maintenance Wizard's Advanced settings.

Note - This dialog is specific to MetaStock databases only.

Modify Existing Databases

To modify the location or format of a databases you have previously added, select it in the Databases to Update list and click Modify.


Change the Format or Location as described in the steps above.


Select a database from the list and click Remove to delete it from the list.

This does not delete the actual database from your hard-drive, only the connection is removed.

For example, if you remove the C:\MetaStockData database from the list, the contents of that directory will not be erased, only the link between Your SOFTWARE and the directory will be removed.

Note - The HUBB database cannot be removed. If you try to remove it an error message will display.

Data Setup
Your SOFTWARE analyzes markets to help you trade better and provides both Price Data for technical analysis and Fundamental Data for fundamental analysis as well as news and market reports. In order to do this it needs up-to-date, reliable data from a wide range of exchanges, countries and information providers, in a format compatible with Your SOFTWARE.
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