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optioneticslogo25.gifThis content is provided in support of the Optionetics module for Your SOFTWARE and may not be applicable to your package. For more information, go to the Modules topic of this help.

Platinum Data Providers

Users with Platinum accounts can import their pre-computed and user defined lists into their Software, and those lists can afterwards be re-exported back to Platinum.

View current Platinum Settings

Your SOFTWARE's connection to, and interaction with, Optionetic's Platinum is managed via the Data Providers tabbed page of the Application Settings dialog:


To view the current Platinum settings, select Platinum from the Available Data Providers list on the left, and Platinum's current settings will display in the Data Providers Settings panel on the right.

All of the current Platinum settings will be displayed.

Modify Platinum's Data Provider Settings

Select Platinum from the Available Data Providers list and then click the Modify button to open its settings modification dialog box:


Username and Password

Prior to initially registering the Platinum account, the Username and Password text boxes will be empty.

Enter the correct Username and enter the Password twice.

Both Username and Password are case sensitive.

Once entered, they will be automatically used to login to the Platinum server over the internet, enabling the list exchange functionality.

Normally you will not have to change these settings. If you are required to change either Username or Password, the alterations can be typed directly into the text boxes.

Download Limit

Users can restrict the number of symbols to be downloaded from each list.

Check the checkbox and enter the number of symbols to be retrieved. The symbols that appear first in the list will be retrieved, up to the limit specified. The default limit setting is 250.

Leave the checkbox unchecked to disable the transfer limit.

Toolbar Button

Toggle the display of the Toolbar button by checking (on) and un-checking (off) the Display Toolbar Button checkbox at the bottom of the Optionetics Platinum Settings dialog, see above.

When checked, the Platinum button will display at the end of Your SOFTWARE Tool Bar:


Click on the button to open the Platinum List Exchange dialog box. This interface allows users with Platinum accounts to exchange user defined Quote Pages and other lists between Your SOFTWARE and Platinum.

Note - Regardless of whether the Platinum Tool bar button is displayed, the Platinum List Exchange dialog is always accessible by clicking the Platinum List Exchange command button from the Tools menu in the Menu Bar.

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