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Data Providers Tab

Your Login and Password to each Data Provider is stored in the Data Providers tab of the Application Options dialog box:


Modify Data Provider Settings

Select a data provider and then click the Modify button to open its settings modification dialog box.

The settings maintained will be different for each data provider.

For instance, the HUBB Settings include the values of Login and Password entered when you first installed and registered Your SOFTWARE:


These should not be changed from this dialog box, and are displayed so that you can quote them if you need to contact customer support for any reason.

The Login is system generated and is communicated to your PC at time of registration.

Also at time of registration you choose and enter your personal password.

The Login/Password combines to create your individual code that allows us to identify you within our database. Providing these details whenever you request technical support enables the support staff to access your details and provide you with a solution quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Maintenance

HUBB's automatic maintenance feature allows you to specify how long downloaded files will be kept on your local hard-drive.

Once the files have been distributed to the software, you no longer require the downloaded files, unless you wish to keep them as a backup and redistribute them at a later date.

Note - To download daily data packs you must have your account enabled by HUBB customer service. If you do not download daily data packs, this function does not apply to you.

By default the feature is set to 90 days, to alter this select the check box. This will enable the text box; specify the number of days after which you wish to delete downloaded files.

Note -  If you have adjusted this feature so the files are removed on a regular basis, it is a good idea to regularly update downloaded data using the Backup/Restore feature.

The number of days that you choose will be displayed in the Data Provider Settings at left as Downloaded Files: Remove After "X" Days.

If you un-check the box on the modify settings dialog, the text message Downloaded Files: Do not remove will appear in its place.

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