Update Manager

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Update Manager

The HUBB organization maintains system data relating to symbols, markets, exchange and interest rates, etc.

System data downloads are distributed to users via the Update Manager.

Price data, which relates to individual symbols, is generally requested by the Data on Demand butn_go-off.gif button, or is set to be automatically retrieved when a certain action is taken, such as opening a new chart.

Run the Update Manager by typing Ctrl+U, or by selecting Update Manager from the Tools Menu.

Update Process

The update process has two stages: Data Download and Data Distribution.

When the user runs the Update Manager, the two processes are automated and sequential. Dialog boxes will indicate the progress of both stages of the process.


The Downloading dialog box will open, and will commence automatically downloading the data required for the update.
The dialog box will indicate the progress of the download:

At each stage in the download process, the current status of the stage will be indicated. The status messages will indicate as follows:

  • Not Started - indicates that no problem exists, the process will soon begin for this action
  • In Progress - the process has begun for this action
  • Complete - action is completed

After the stage is completed, a check will be placed in the box to the left of its description.


The user may stop the download at any time, a confirmation dialog will appear to confirm that you wish to cancel the download.


When all of the current update data has been downloaded, the distribution of the data to the various components of Your SOFTWARE on your local PC can begin.


The files and types of data are indicated by the dialog.

The user can terminate the entire update process at any time by clicking the Cancel button. A confirmation dialog will appear.


Upon completion of the data distribution the following dialog appears:


It summarizes the download and distribution which has taken place.

Click OK to end the update process.

Data Setup
Your SOFTWARE analyzes markets to help you trade better and provides both Price Data for technical analysis and Fundamental Data for fundamental analysis as well as news and market reports. In order to do this it needs up-to-date, reliable data from a wide range of exchanges, countries and information providers, in a format compatible with Your SOFTWARE.
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