Yield Curve

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Yield Curve

To view the Yield Curve window, open the Edit menu and select the Yield Curve command:


The Yield Curve display shows the money market yield for a number of different national markets.

Yield Curves provide a graphic display of the anticipated performance of debt instruments in the various national markets projected over the course of a number of years.

For each market a widely respected benchmark interest rate is downloaded and displayed.

Users can also enter their own rates for comparison purposes.

Yield Curve Display

The Yield Curve window will float above the work page.

Default Rates Data

Initially the default data will be displayed:


The default Yield Curve data consists of interest rates that are downloaded whenever the Update Manager is run.

User Defined Rates Data

Users can enter data to alter the display.

Select the User Defined check box and the data entries will be removed.

Go to the empty text boxes below each year and enter an interest rate amount:


The chart will automatically be redrawn to include the time-frame specified by the user.

Note - The calculation will be made only for those periods for which data has been entered.

In the above example, only the first seven text boxes were used, consequently the Yield Curve plotted was only 10 years.

Interest Rate Updates

The Interest Rates used to calculate the yield curves are included in the system data and can be updated at any time by running the Update Manager.

Interest rates for markets set as User Defined will not be updated by the system data.

Installation Note

When you first install Your SOFTWARE, you must run the Update Manager in order to download the current System Data used to initially populate the Currencies, Cross Rates and Yield Curve dialog boxes.

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