Editing an Existing Cross Rate

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Editing an Existing Cross Rate

You can replace the system data cross exchange rate with your own cross rate and view your accounts and portfolios with the user defined rate. This is useful when running scenarios for different exchange rates.

Select a cross rate within the list in the Cross Rates dialog box, and click Edit to launch the following dialog box:


The Base and Cross drop-down lists are both populated via the Currencies dialog box. You cannot edit them in this dialog, you must change them from the Currencies dialog box

You can change the cross rate Value and Date of Value.

To save the changes, click on the OK button, or Cancel to exit and cancel your changes.

Edits Overwritten at next System Data Update

The user defined changes to Value and Date of Value will generate changes in portfolio prices and related reports at the time the changes are made and saved.

However, the next time the System Data is updated using the Update Manager, the user edited values and dates will be overwritten by current system data exchange values and the current date.

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