Cross Rates

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Cross Rates

Cross Rates are used mainly in Accounts and Portfolios to allow transactions to be converted from one currency to another.

Select Cross Rates from the Tools menu, the Cross Rates dialog box will appear:


HUBB uses its default list of Currencies to create a default group of all possible cross rate combinations. This group of cross rates is distributed as system data, and populates the Cross Rates dialog box.

When your Your SOFTWARE's system data is updated via the Update Manager function, the each cross rate's Value will be updated, and securities quoted in a currency other than the base currency of your portfolios will be automatically converted into the base currency using the updated rate.

The Date is the date the rate was updated on.


When you initially install Your SOFTWARE the list of default cross rates, maintained by HUBB, will be displayed.

You can add new currencies via the Currencies dialog, and then use the new currencies to create and maintain your own cross rates.

To create a new cross rate, click the Add button.


You can over-ride the use of the system data and set your own cross rates.

To set your own cross rates, select a cross rate and click Edit.

If you do not wish to use the system data cross rates, it will be necessary to adjust the cross rate value on a regular basis to maintain an accurate record of the portfolio's current market value.


To remove a cross rate from the list, select the cross rate you wish to delete, and click on the Delete button.


Click Update to retrieve the most recent Exchange Rates to recalculate the Cross Rates.

Note - Exchange Rates will be updated when you run the Update Manager, but using the Update button on this dialog is quicker than the Update Manager because only exchange rates are retrieved, while a number of other maintenance processes take place when the Update Manager is run and it can take a few minutes.


Once you have finished making modifications to the Cross Rates list, click on the OK button to save and changes you have made, or Cancel to cancel any changes made.

Installation Note

When you first install Your SOFTWARE, you must run the Update Manager in order to download the current System Data used to initially populate the Currencies, Cross Rates and Interest dialog boxes.

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