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Currencies are used mainly in Accounts and Portfolios to allow transactions to be entered in a specific base currency.

To view or manager currencies, select the Currencies command from the View menu:

The Currencies dialog will display:


The HUBB organization maintains a list of default currencies for which they supply exchange rates as part of the HUBB system data.

The default list appears in the Currencies dialog list when you install Your Software, and exchange rates for those currencies are updated each time you run the Update Manager.

You can later add other currencies, edit their name, symbol or character, and delete current currencies.


To add a new currency, click on the Add button.


To edit an existing currency, click on the Edit button.


To remove a currency from the list, select the currency you wish to delete, and click on the Delete button.

Save Changes

Once you have finished making modifications to the Currencies list, click on the OK button to save and changes you have made, or Cancel to cancel any changes made.

Installation Note

When you first install Your SOFTWARE, you must run the Update Manager in order to download the current System Data used to initially populate the Currencies, Cross Rates and Interest dialog boxes.

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