Settings and Preferences

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System Settings

There are a number of advanced features within Your SOFTWARE that allow you to customize the appearance of Your SOFTWARE, adjust the default settings and manage the data within Your SOFTWARE.

If the commands are frequently accessed, they are located in the Menu Bar commands.

If they are settings that are rarely altered, they are accessed via the Application Settings dialog.

Menu Bar Settings Commands

The Data Providers and Update Manager functions are more frequently accessed and adjusted than the Application Settings described next in this section.

For this reason, their commands are included in the Menu bar for ease of access, along with these other frequently accessed functions:

The Application Settings dialog box show a number of tabbed which contain a wide variety of system settings.

The settings and preferences described in this section are less frequently altered, and are therefore less readily accessible.

Go to the Application Settings help topic for a full description of the settings dialog and links to Help topics for each of the nine tabbed sheets.

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