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Select Symbols to Trade Scan

By default, the Trade Scanner opens to display its Symbols to Search tabbed page:


Symbol Range Selection Area

In this area you can determine the array of symbols which will display in the Symbol Selection List, to the right:


The following choices are available:

Individual Symbols

The symbol selection interface allows you to directly enter a single underlying symbol's details, or to search using the standard symbol search facility.

Once identified, Your SOFTWARE will search through all of the options for the underlying symbol.

Quote Lists

Select to reference symbols through your Quote Pages and lists.

Scan Results

Select to scan through previously saved Trade Scan Results.


You can also select from all option symbols for a particular national market.

Symbol Selection List

Regardless of the method used to identify the symbols, an alphabetical list of symbols included in the search parameters will be displayed in the Symbol Selection List area on the right of the symbol range selection area.

The symbols in the lists will be in alphabetical order.

Any groups which were in the original source, such as groups on Quote Pages or GICs (Global Industry Classification Standard) sector and industry definitions in Exchange listings, will be disregarded in this list.

Instant Symbol Overview

Select on any of the symbols in the list to get an instant overview in the work area of the search page. The overview will provide a bar chart and a volatility indicator for the selected symbol.

Chart Properties

Right click on the chart surface and the Chart Properties pop-up menu opens.

Right click on the bar chart series and the Bar Properties pop-up menu opens. You can change the chart type from this submenu.

From either of these menus you can alter the chart and the series in the same way as other charts in Your SOFTWARE. For more information go to the Working with Charts help topic.

Volatilities Display

The number and types of Volatilities displayed, and the color, weight, line type, etc. of their display, are controlled by the Default View setting of the Volatilities Chart.

For more information on selecting and displaying Volatility Types, and on changing their default display, go to the Volatility Chart Display Settings topic.

Resizing Charts

Click on the border between the two charts, the mouse cursor will change into double arrows. Drag and drop the border to resize the charts.

Delete a Chart

You can select one of the charts and delete it, the other chart will then occupy the whole overview area.

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