Trade Scan Process

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Start Scan

For existing scans, the Start scan button will initiate a scan.

For new scans the Start scan button will not function until you have defined the range of the scan in the Symbol Range Selector.

If you are Scanning for Trades you will also have to first select a strategy from the Trade Parameters window before the Start button will become enabled.

During an on-line scan, the blue scan progress indicator will appear in the function bar.


The download will also be indicated in the Remote Action monitor, and if the Remote Action Window is open, the cog will turns in its title bar.

Timing Out

Selecting a national Market for your scan range should be done with caution as Your SOFTWARE's online scans will time-out after two minutes and display a dialog box showing how many stocks have been scanned and asking you if you want to continue.


Click Yes to continue, but the scan may time out again if the symbol range is too large.

This can also occur if you are scanning a large Quote Page or Market Scan Results file.

You may want to remove some symbols from the Quote Page, restrict the criteria of the Market Scan and regenerate a smaller results file, or alter the Filters in the Trade Scan itself so that a smaller number of options are available for the option trades analysis. In this case, click No, reduce the size of the group of symbols to be scanned using one or more of the techniques mentioned above, and re-start the scan.

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