Save Pre-Computed Scan Results

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The following instructions will explain how to Save Pre-Computed Scan Results in Your SOFTWARE.

Saving Pre-computed scans results will allow users to use these results as a scan list in other areas of Your SOFTWARE.

Note - The instructions below are applied on Pre-computed Scans.

Saving Pre-Computed Scan Results

There are two ways to select a pre-computed scan list:

Option 1 

Select a Pre-Computed Scan list by clicking on a pre-computed scan list under the Pre-Computed Lists column to highlight it,


Option 2

Select a Pre-Computed Scan list by checking on a pre-computed scan list checkbox under Pre-Computed Lists column


Note - You can combine several pre-computed scan lists by checking several pre-computed scan list checkboxes at once.

Saving Results

Click on the Action button above the Pre-computed scans.


Click on the Save Search Results option on the sub menu list.


This will launch Save Scan Results As Dialog Box.

Enter a file name for the market scan result file next to the File Name input box then click the Save button.


Note - You can save your market scan result file on any location. To save your market scan result file on your preferred location, browse to your target location by changing the Save In input box located at the top of the Save Scan Results As Dialog Box.

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