Pre-Computed Scans

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Pre-Computed Scans Overview

Your SOFTWARE contains a number of Pre-computed Scans. They are designed to perform scans that would commonly be made by traders and deliver results in the most efficient manner.

Pre-computed Scans are scans developed by Your SOFTWARE's technical experts and are run on the HUBB server each day at the end of trading. The results are saved and can be accessed at any time by users. The results are always ready for immediate download and display.

Pre-computed scans are referred to in various training courses and materials and allow users to quickly access scan results from a known and reliable format.

Pre-computed Scans can be accessed from the Pre-computed Scans Page, or in the Entry Point Page that is displayed each time you open Your SOFTWARE. Go to the Pre-computed Scans work page or Entry Point work page topics for more information.

The available pre-computed scans are displayed in the Scans Selection List. The criteria and expressions cannot be altered by the user. However, the user can select the national markets whose scans will be retrieved. Users can also select the date for the scan’s data (all pre-computed scan results for each trading day are retained at the HUBB server for future retrieval). Scans for both daily and weekly intervals are available.

After selecting a market, single left mouse-click on a Scan in the Scans Selection List. The results for that scan from the selected market will be displayed in the Scan results area, see below.

From the same page you can select another scan, or change the market, to retrieve a different scan result.

Open the Pre-computed Scans Page

The Scanners button on the Tool Bar contains links to all the important scanning interfaces:


Click on Pre-computed Scans in the drop-down menu to open the Pre-computed Scans Page.

The page contains all available pre-computed scan types, arranged in tabbed groups:


Click on tab to display a list of all scans of that type.

Click on a scan type to display the scan results list for that type.

For more information, go to the Pre-computed Scans Page topic.

Use the Pre-computed Lists on the Entry Page

Another way to access Pre-computed Scan results is through the Pre-computed Scans panel on the Entry Page:


The scan results are retrieved in market groups, use the drop-down menu to select a market.

The scope of results can also be restricted to a particular date. The default is the current date, but results for previous dates are retained on the server and can be retrieved at any time.

The results display can be further restricted by selecting Optionables Only (i.e. only securities for which exchange traded option (ETO) contracts are available.

The Pre-computed Scan Type Selector area contains a number of scan types from the Trade Setups group of pre-computed scans.

Select one and all the results from the selected market for that type of pre-computed scan will display in the Pre-computed Scan Results pane.

Click on a result to analyze it in the integrated analysis area. A quick technical review both visually using the chart in the center top price chart pane and using the Technical Data dashboard. A review of current Fundamental analysis is provided by the Fundamental Indicators dashboard as well as news related to the particular security. Broker Recommendations for the stock and current world wide market activity can also be viewed from this page. For more information, go to the Integrated Investor Start Page topic.

Go to the next section of this topic for more information on printing scan results.


Note - Displaying Pre-computed Scan Results in the Entry Point work page

The Integrated Investor Start Page only displays results for the Elliott Wave and ABC Pressure Points (for SITM modules) Trade Setup scan types are displayed.

Note also that the Intersections function is not available and the Start Page does not have an Action menu [see above].

For more information, refer to the Start Page topic.


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