Create Quote List from Market Scan Result

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The following instructions will explain how to Create a Quote List from a Market Scan Result in Your SOFTWARE.

Note - The instructions below are applied on Your SOFTWARE's Market Scan section. Run a New Market Scan and the results will show up.


Creating a Quote List from Market Scan Results

To create a Quote List from a Market Scan Result, follow the sequence of steps below:

Click on the Action button.

Click on the Save Search Results menu option.


Give your search result a name such as “test” and click on Save as shown below:


Click on Quotes followed by New Quote list.


Then click on Action followed by Import and Export.


Choose the option to Import a Market Scan Result and Click on the Next button.


Click on the Browse button.

Then double click on the Market Scan Results folder.

Choose your file name, in this case “test” and click Open. You should get a window as shown below:


Click on the Next button.

Then click on the Finish button.

Click on the Action button.

Finally, click on Save As and give a filename to the Quote List for use in the future and then click Save to complete the process.

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