Fundamental Experts Criteria

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Fundamental Experts Criteria

mrktscan_srchcrtyp_funexp.gifNine Fundamental Experts scan setups are available for Your SOFTWARE scans.

Click on the Fundamental Experts bar in the Available Criteria list to open the list of Fundamental Experts.

Each expert scan is predefined using the fundamental data, financial analysis ratios and specific settings used by that expert to perform his or her usual fundamental analysis.

The Fundamental Expert groupings appear throughout Your Software and in each instance the default parameters and criteria used are identical.


The Experts criteria is designed to scan the market and assign scores to stocks depending on how many of the specific fundamental data or ratios the stock received a PASS for.

For example, the HUBB Growth Model contains five fundamental data or financial analysis ratios. Each of these has specific value settings which if met will result in a PASS. If the criteria levels are not met, the result will be a FAIL. Each stock is scored as the number of PASSs compared to FAILs expressed as a percentage. The score for a Stock that had three PASSs and two FAILs for the five HUBB Growth Model criteria would be 60%.

To find out more about each expert and his/her Fundamental Analysis technique, go to the Experts Analysis tabbed SSA page. There users can view a description of each expert and a list of the fundamental data and ratios used by each in his/her analysis. On that page users can view tables containing the Expert's Criteria that makes up the analysis, as well as Key Figures for the stock.

Users can click on each fundamental data type or ratio in the Expert's Criteria list and a short explanation of the analysis, as well as an explanation for the and the result for the given stock, will be displayed in the area below the list.

The same factors that are applied in that work page are used when the scan is conducted.

While users cannot change the criteria employed by the Experts, users can set the minimum level of scores that the scan will accept. Refer to the Criteria Settings discussion below for more information about the Fundamental Expert scans settings.

Criteria Settings

Select a Fundamental Expert criteria from the Available Criteria list and click the Add button.

This will add the Expert to the Selected Criteria list, and open the Search Criteria Parameters dialog for that expert in the lower right of the work page.

The scan criteria allows users to identify stocks whose score, as measured by the expert's analysis of their fundamental data, equals or exceeds the score level set by the user in the Value setting.

The following dialog is used to set all of the Fundamental Experts scan criteria:


As with other market scans, more than one criteria can be added, or the scan can be run using a single criteria.

All criteria, and their current parameter settings, will be displayed in the list at the top of this dialog.

Set Minimum Score for Scan Results

Users can set the scan to only return stocks which equal or exceed a particular score of each expert.

First users select the from the following qualifiers:

  • Is Equal To
  • Is Greater Than
  • Is Greater Than or Equal to

Then the user nominates a score level to be met or exceeded in the Value text box.

Usually this should be set to at least 50%, meaning the scan will return all stocks for which the selected Expert has given a score of at least 50%.

On large markets, it would probably be more reasonable to set the score Value at 80%, or even 90%.

Setting the Value at 100% will return all stocks that completely meet the expert's criteria.

Available Fundamental Experts

The alerts criteria is the same as that employed whenever the named expert is selected.

For details on the fundamental data and analysis ratios, as well as the expert's personal settings, employed by the expert for each analysis, go to the Experts Analysis tabbed SSA page's help topic.

The following Fundamental Experts alerts criteria is available:

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