Candlestick Criteria

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Candlestick Hi-Lites Scan Criteria Settings

mrktscan_hilitcrit_cndlstix.gifScans can be restricted to those symbols that have the occurrences of the selected candlestick patterns in their price data.

By default all candlestick criteria patterns are turned off.

Candlestick Patterns are arranged in three groups:

Bullish Patterns

Bearish Patterns

Reversal Patterns

Depending on the trading formation to be scanned for, users check the check-boxes for the patterns, most appropriate for the search.

Refer to the Candlestick Pattern Identifier Hi-Lite topic for more information on Candlestick Patterns in general.

Candlestick Pattern Scan Settings

The default setting for scans is to search on the current interval only. When searching for candlestick patterns this may be excessively restrictive. For example some candlestick patterns take more than one day to form. The scan will only detect those that are confirmed on the scan date.

To more effectively employ the candlestick scan criteria, we suggest that the scan be performed over a range of dates using the date range selector:


In these settings all the selected candlestick patterns that formed during the period specified by the two dates will be included in the scan results.

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