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Search Criteria - Overview

mrktscan_critradefinarea_sm.gifSearch criteria for a scan is defined in the Search Criteria area of the Search Criteria tabbed page.

The Search Criteria area has three sections:

A variety of criteria types, grouped according to the origin of their data and processes they employ, are available from the Selection Panel.

After selecting a criteria type, click the Add button to populate the expressions list with that type of expression, initially the new expression will contain default parameters.

Users can adjust many of the parameters' values. Select an expression in the list, the parameters controls for that expression will open in the Parameters Definition Area. Use the controls to change the values, the new values will be immediately reflected in the Parameters field in the Expressions List table.

For more information on each stage of this criteria expression definition process, click on the links above at left, or on an area in the graphic, above right.

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