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Market Scanner Overview

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Starting a Scan

Scanning tools can be accessed from an number of different locations including the Tool Bar’s Scanners menu, the Open commands of the File menu, Your SOFTWARE's Start Page (pre-computed scans only), and from System Testing.

Scanners Tool Bar Commands

The Scanners button on the Tool Bar contains links to all the important scanning interfaces:


To perform a Market scan you must select a scan [or create a new scan], set the market parameters, edit the existing scan criteria (if required) and start the scan.

The scan is configured, run and results are displayed from the Market Scan work page.

Select Existing Scan

Click the Open Market Scan command in the Scanners tool menu to open the Select a file... dialog box will open:


All previously saved Market Scans are saved with the .mks file extension.

The default location for saving and retrieving these file types is the Market Scans folder in Your SOFTWARE's program directory.

The navigation, display and file management tools located in the top right are the same as for other Windows file selector dialog. For more information on this functionality, go to the File Selector topic in the Shared Utilities section of this Help.

Your SOFTWARE contains a number of preconfigured scans. They are designed to perform scans which would commonly be made by traders. You can open these scans and use them as they are, or alter their criteria or scope to suit your requirements, and save them with new names.

Create New Scan

To create a new scan, click on the New button from the group of buttons on the right margin of the Select Market Scan list selector dialog.

New scans can also be created from the New submenu of the File menu:


In both cases, a new market scan work page will open showing its Search Criteria tabbed page.

Scanner Interface

There are two types of scanner interface. One for User Defined Scans, the other for Pre-computed Scans.

User Defined Scans have a three tabbed page work area. The first page is used to define the scan, the second displays the results and the third describes the scan.

Search criteria for Pre-computed Scans are not defined by the user, hence the definition area is more compact allowing for pre-computed scan parameters and results appear on the same page.

User Defined Scan Interface

Three tabbed pages comprise the interface for user defined scans: Search Criteria, Search Results and About This Scan.

The three pages share a common Function Bar that has an Action menu, a Start/Stop button, a Save button and a Close command.

Search Criteria tabbed page

The search criteria page is where the search criteria is created, viewed and edited.


Search Scope and Criteria Work Areas

The Market Scan criteria definition interface is similar for both off-line and on-line market scans, the principle difference between the two being that On-line scans

  • have more limited Search Criteria from which to choose from, and
  • search on the market data on the HUBB server.

Off-line searches can be made on Quote Lists, other scan results, and other user created groups, as well as on national markets.

The Search Criteria area of this page will be more fully described and explained in the Creating a Market Scan help topic.

Function Bar

Some of the controls on the function bar are shared by all the tabbed pages. The following appear with the Search Criteria tabbed page:

Action menu

The Action menu’s commands are mostly used with scan results. However, the Save Search Criteria command will save any changes you make on the Search Criteria page in the same way that the Save button does, see below.

Start Scan button

The scan can be started from either tabbed page by clicking the Start button in the Function Bar.

The scan progress indicator will display in the right end of the function bar while the scan is being processed.

When the scan is complete, click on the Search Results tab to view the scan results. For more information on this page go to the Scan Results Page topic.

Save Scan Button

Use the Save button to save any changes you have made to new or existing scan criteria.

The changes you make to the parameters and criteria expressions will not automatically be saved. To save your changes click on the save button in the function bar, or the save button in the Action menu.


Click Close to exit the current scan work page.

If you have made changes to the scan criteria, you will be prompted to save them when you close the work page.

Search Results tabbed page

The Search Results tabbed page contains a table showing the results of the most recent scan run using the criteria defined in the Search Criteria tabbed page of this scan.

For more information of the Search Results interface, as well as other details regarding scan results, go to the Market Scan Results topic.

About this Scan tabbed page

On this tabbed page, you can enter information about the scan that you have created, letting you make notes about the scan and its uses.

Simply click on the main pane to type information on the scan.  You can also paste information from another source, using Ctrl + V to past the text you have previously copied.

You can print the contents of this page using the Print Notes command on the Action Menu.

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