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Keeping Quote Pages Up-to-Date

The price data displayed for each symbol in your Quote Pages will become ‘stale’ over time and should be periodically refreshed using Your SOFTWARE's Data-on-Demand functionality.

When and how the quote page’s data is updated depends on the settings in the Remote Data tab of the Application Settings dialog box.

The default settings are to update data when a new window is opened.

In the case of quote lists, this setting will cause a DoD request to be automatically made to the server when you open a Quote Page.

At any time you can update all of the symbols in a Quote Page by using the DoD Refresh button: butn_go-off.gif

Refresh Progress

To view the progress and details of the data refresh, select the Show Remote Action command from the View menu to display the floating Remote Action Window:


Depending on the exchange, during the period that you leave your window open, the prices may change and new data may become available from the server.

The exact sequence of the request will depend on the settings in the Remote Data tab of the Application Settings dialog box.

If you selected ‘Ask Me’, dialog boxes appear to confirm that you want to update the data.

Disabling DoD, another setting available on the Remote Data tab, this will prevent the update data from being downloaded, even though you click the Refresh button.

For more information on the settings available, go to the Remote Data tab of the Application Settings help topic.

Price Data Update Result

After the download, all of the symbols are refreshed with a ‘snap-shot’ of the current last price data. While the data distribution is taking place, the data fields will be highlighted in yellow, they will return to normal when the update is complete.

Unlike price charts, there is no requirement for any more data than a ‘snap-shot’ of the very most recent data, so this process is quite quick even though a large number of symbols are being updated.

Depending on the exchange, during the period that you leave your window open, the prices may change and new data may become available from the server.

When price data is updated the Last Traded field for each symbol will be today’s date for an open exchange, or the last date that the exchange was open if it is closed.

Advanced Data-on-Demand

A quote page DoD Refresh button butn_go-off.gif request will only provide ‘snap-shot’ data, i.e. the most recent prices.

Quote Page’s DoD will not automatically update your local database with the intervening data since your last update, i.e. the symbols’ historical data. Compare this with the ‘top-up’ facility provided by DoD for price charts, where the intervening data is necessary to plot a full chart of all the historical data.

If you wish to retrieve the missing historical data, you can manually command a DoD ‘top-up’ using the Advanced Data on Demand command of the Quote Pages Action menu.

The Download history and latest price data for all symbols selection is made by default:


The amount of historical data loaded for each symbol will depend on the Custom Data setting, the default is 36 months.

Note - If you receive Daily Data Packs, the historical price data for all symbols will be loaded using the Update Manager.

Options, Optionable Stocks and Implied Volatilites

The download can be limited to only Optionable Stocks of the stocks in the Quote Page and current Option Symbols derived from them.

The download can also be set to include all Implied Volatilities for those optionable stocks..

MetaStock Data Download

Users who download data for distribution to MetaStock databases can now limit the market data to be downloaded at a time.

Check the Update all MetaStock databases box, and click OK.

Your SOFTWARE will retrieve only the data for the symbols in the Quote Page, open the MetaStock database and begin to distribute it to the MetaStock databases. When the distribution is complete, Your SOFTWARE will close the MetaStock database and close the dialog box.

Data Setup
Your SOFTWARE analyzes markets to help you trade better and provides both Price Data for technical analysis and Fundamental Data for fundamental analysis as well as news and market reports. In order to do this it needs up-to-date, reliable data from a wide range of exchanges, countries and information providers, in a format compatible with Your SOFTWARE.
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