Print Quotes Pages

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Print Quote Pages

Selecting What to Print


Quotes in Groups will only be printed if the Group is open and displayed.

Only the summary line of the minimized (collapsed) Groups will be printed.

Column Headings

The column headings displayed in the Quotes Page are determined by the View settings. The headings visible on the Quotes Page will be printed, and the headings will be repeated at the top of each page.

Change the view, or create a new view, to ensure that you print exactly the information that you want for the Quote Page.


To Print a Quote Page, from the Action menu, choose Print.

This will display the Print dialog box

The default printer will populate the printer drop-down list, and its properties will be displayed:


You can change the page layout by going into Properties and changing the page type to landscape or portrait, etc.

Each of the different printers in the drop down list will have a different properties dialog box.

From the Print dialog you can change the number of copies to be printed increasing the number of copies in the Number of copies selector.


For multiple copies you can also instruct the printer to collate the copies.

Once you have entered all your options, click on OK to print the Quote Page.

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