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Selecting and Opening a Quote Page

There are three methods of opening a Quote Page:

Select Quote List

To open the Select Quote List dialog box, select the Open Quote List command from the Quotes menu on the Toolbar:


Single left mouse click on the command to launch the Select a file... dialog box


Use the file selection box to access Hubb Quote Lists files (file extension .hql) saved on your computer.

At time of installation a Quote Lists folder is created in the C:\Programs\Integrated Investor directory. This folder is populated with the folders seen in the graphic above.

While you can save your .hql files in any folder or directory, this is the location that it will be saved to by default and this is the directory that the Select a file... dialog will open to by default.

When you have found the .hql file, select it. It's name will appear in the File name text box, click Open to display the selected Quote Page in the work area.

The navigation, display and file management tools located in the top right are the same as for other Windows file selector dialog. For more information on this functionality, go to the File Selector topic in the Shared Utilities section of this Help.

Open from Quote Page Access Panel

An alphabetical list of all quote pages will display in the Page Monitor's Access Panel when Quote Pages are selected in the Access Panel's drop-down menu.

Select a Quote Page from the list:


The selected Quote Page will open in the work area.

Detach to Open Select Quote List dialog box

The list of Quote Pages in the Access Panel is not organized into groups. If you have a large number of quote lists, or are more comfortable using the Select Quote List dialog box, it can be opened directly from the Access Panel.

Right click anywhere on the access panel's list, and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The Select Quote List dialog box, refer to its description above, will open.

Open / Preview from Start Page

Quote Pages can be accessed directly from OptionGear's Start Page.

OptionGear's Start Page can be opened from the View Menu.

The OptionGear Start Page provides two windows from which Quote Pages can be opened:

Quote Page List Window

One window contains an alpha-numeric list of all Quote Pages in Your SOFTWARE.

Click on any of the Quote Pages to open it in the work area.

Quote Page Preview Window

The other Start Page window contains a drop down menu of all Quote Pages, selecting a Quote Page from the drop-down menu will open the Quote Page in the preview window.

The Quote Page's internal groupings can be collapsed or expanded so that all the Quote Lists can be viewed.

Go to the OptionGear Start Page help topic for more information.

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